Glass Techniques

Glass Techniques by Artist & Designer
Lisa de Boer

As glass is such a versatile material there are so many options to choose from Lisa and our team of artists’ here at Glass Xpressions are confident in their abilities to interpret your vision and design the perfect piece that will express your individual taste and style.

Are you looking for something polished and sophisticated, but you’re unsure what that looks like? Our team can help you realise your vision and create a unique piece of contemporary glass art you’re guaranteed to love.

We guide you every step of the way, from your initial consultation,  involving you throughout the design process, right up until installation. We guarantee you’ll be 100% happy with the results. 

Aztec Sheild
900 x 900 mm 

Harness the power of glass art

Hand painted glass wall art

910 x 2250mm

Here at Glass Xpressions, Glass Art comes in a variety of shapes and forms, one of our specialties being Glass Wall Art. 

As the vast majority of our work is custom made, we find that Glass Wall Art is by far the most popular choice for our clientele. Contemporary Glass Art becomes such an exciting prospect once you’ve realised just how truly versatile it can be, by visiting our Glass Art Gallery here on the Gold Coast it will become apparent that the options are indeed endless. 

We cater to all styles, Lisa de Boer prides her self on their ability to interpret your ideas and concepts through colour, shape and form with stunning results. Regardless of subject matter or style, the team at Glass Xpressions never shies away from a challenge, determined to deliver a beautiful piece of Glass Art you can be proud of.

Make an appointment to visit Lisa at our Glass Art Studio & Gallery, take this opportunity and lets work towards turning your ideas into a bespoke piece of Glass Art...

David and I would like you to know how much we appreciate the beautiful glass pieces that we bought from your gallery to enhance our new home. I can’t remember a time when I was so excited about a purchase. and we are so grateful to our lovely neighbour who pointed us in your direction. From our first visit to the installation, it was such a pleasure having contact with all of you.
Sovereign Island

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Custom glass wall art panel by Lisa be Boer.

Slumped Glass

Decorative glass wall panels with slumped glass.

Please don’t harm us
750 x 750mm

Slumped Glass is the term given to glass that as been exposed to extreme temperatures, returning the glass to a molten like state at which point it begins to “Slump” over the pattern or mould beneath it creating a perfect replica. The technique of slumping glass allows intricate imagery, design elements and even text to be moulded into a panel of glass in great detail.

Lisa de Boer,  has more than 20 years of knowledge and experience when it comes to Slumped Glass, as well as the wide range of different applications it can be used for. 

We service Australia wide as well as internationally, and unlike many other suppliers, we have the ability to slump glass here on the premises, with five different kilns of varying dimensions, we are well equipt to handle all shapes and sizes. You can rest assured when dealing with Glass Xpressions, you have the expert team of glass artists and design consultants guiding you every step of the way.


Glass décor for walls

Evolving Land
850 x 1200mm

There are many types of Textured and Patterned Glass, most are produced using a similar process to the way in which Slumped Glass is created, and in fact in most cases the terms are interchangeable and often involve the same method of heating glass to extreme temperatures in order to change its form. 

The type of glass we are referring to, is that which is commonly used for shower screens, partitions and other decorative applications. The desired effect is merely to add a slight texture to the glass, either to obscure the clarity of a panel by using a basic or simple pattern allowing light to still pass through effectively, or in other cases such as splash backs and bar fronts, the textured glass panel can be back painted and adhered to walls or frame work to create an additional point of interest. By changing the glass texture in this way, you can introduce a subtle feature through the use of pattern and design.


Here at Glass Xpressions we have an extensive range of pattern glass designs on offer, and as they are all handmade, the glass texture and/or pattern can be modified to suite the individual look you are after. 

Contemporary Glass Art


With more than 20 years of industry expertise, Lisa de Boer and her team have worked on vast variety of glass projects with different applications to suit their client’s individual taste and style. Our customers are always delighted with their hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

glass wall art

Feature panels


Custom Projects

Dare to be different