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CustoM designed Feature panels

Here at Glass Xpressions we can make a feature of any space in your home, and as far as we’re concerned a piece of custom made glass could be the solution to all your problems.

As glass is such a versatile material the possibilities are truly endless, with so many options to choose from Lisa and our team of artists’ here at Glass Xpressions are confident in their abilities to interpret your vision and design the perfect piece that will express your individual taste and style.

Large scale hotel foyer and lobby art is where the team at glass Xpressions really stands out from other competitors. With the ability to produce unique large scale architectural artworks custom made to suit any specification, we pride ourselves on exceeding even the most demanding expectations.

Lisa de Boers 30 years experience working across a diverse range of art forms allows our team to have the knowledge and experience to cater to just about any design and architectural requirement. Our custom made approach allows our clients to achieve the form and style they had originally envisaged for their home, hotel foyer or lobby, whilst also incorporating and enhancing an existing or proposed design scheme.

Spiral design slumped glass feature panel for door.

Optical 3D Door Panel
850 x 2200mm

Case study

Glass cellar

Feature glass panels in french themed wine cellar.

The brief was to create an underground french feel. Caesar Wine Cellar’s created this amazing curved brickwork ceiling, temperature controlled room with wrought iron racks one side and detailed recycled timber on the other.
As the clients cherish their collection from far and wide, their memories created by obtaining this 1550 bottle collection are priceless. 

After stalking their social images finding picturesque cobblestone paths that lead to more of their adventure and wine tasting images from underground French cellars, I found inspiration and the art transpired. Be it memories of your dream I want our art to take you to another place……It’s all about your imagination.

Lisa de Boer

“The French Connection”

To the Naked eye, it’s the path to nowhere We feel…. Nostalgically calm, We are, the connecting cobblestones. On a road we have travelled, our vision alive, Housing a reflection Entwined with a collection of experiences. We have made a path of our own.

Artist Statement Lisa de Boer

Glass art panels in custom wine cellar

French Connection Cellar Panels
3 x 350 x 2200mm

Outdoor Wall Feature panels

Glass feature wall design in pool area.

Not only are we capable of creating beautiful bespoke pieces of glass art, we also provide an expert installation team that service Australia wide. With an extensive background in the glass industry to ensure a perfect end result, our installation team pride themselves on their attention to detail and professional conduct when installing any form of hotel foyer or commercial art piece.

Lisa is ready to assist in all aspects of decorative architectural glass and the many different ways in which it can be integrated into your commercial or hotel foyer design scheme.

Whether it be; windows, doors, niches, dividing walls, screens or partitions, Indoors or out.

Harness the power of glass art

Case study

Circlar Panel Art

As one of the most recognisable car manufacturer’s in the world, we were excited and honoured to have the opportunity to be asked by our partners Sunshine Automotive Prestige, to create a series of Custom Artwork to coincide with the latest Rolls-Royce “Black Badge” launch.

The Spirit of Ecstasy, “Eleanor” that adorns the bonnet of every Rolls-Royce is the inspiration for this powerfully striking series of Contemporary Glass Art.

“Spirit of Ecstasy”

Inspired by her majestic ghost…..
Flowing forward in the wind forever,
She demonstrates her power of spirit,
And determination.
Floating upwards from her humble heritage,
To fame and notoriety…
Rising above us all,
like a Phoenix from the ashes!!!!!!
Her commanding and powerful presence,
makes us stop….. take notice.
The pinnacle, Classically cast….!!!!!
A shrine to the power of love
I am….. the mystery of Eleanor!

Lisa de Boer

Large round artistic glass feature wall panel.

Optical 3D Door Panel
850 x 2200mm

feature Panel Gallery

Lisa is ready to assist in all aspects of decorative architectural glass and the many different ways in which it can be integrated into your home, commercial or hotel foyer design scheme.

It is a pleasure to work with Lisa, it has been a great partnership, I have never had a client who as not been thrilled with her work. Having dealt with Lisa for so many years I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for something really special.​
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With more than 20 years of industry expertise, Lisa de Boer and her team have worked on vast variety of glass projects with different applications to suit their client’s individual taste and style. Our customers are always delighted with their hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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