Contemporary Custom made Glass Art

Glass Wall Art and Décor by Design

If you’ve been looking for a subtle but sophisticated way inject vibrancy and personal style into your space – look no further. A custom-made piece of glass wall art or décor will ignite the energy in the room and transform your home or office.

Experience the confidence of knowing our specialised glass artists will successfully turn your creative ideas into a stunning piece of contemporary glass art, as they have for many other happy clients.

From our first visit to the installation, it was such a pleasure having contact with all of you. Everyone we dealt with at GlassXpressions was friendly and professional. We have had numerous visitors since moving in and all have commented on your amazing work.
Main Beach
Custom glass wall art titled 'Cleo', featuring monochromatic lady.

Why choose us

Glass wall art is perfect for you, if….

Aqua blue and green glass art by artist Lisa de Boer.


You want an eye-catching piece of artwork full of vibrant personality (made to your taste and style)

You want something 100% unique, that no one else has (you don’t like mass-produced art)

You want a quality, enduring piece of art that’s sophisticated and smart (because you want to make a lasting impression)

You want to consult with an expert artist to help you create the perfect piece for you (because you’re not sure what you need)

You want to be involved at each step of the process (so you end up with something you love, not something you don’t)

You want your piece to match your chose style and colour scheme (and doesn’t look like an afterthought)

You want something you can take home soon (but with the flexibility of a payment plan)

Contemporary Glass Art

Australian Glass Art for Sale

With more than 20 years of industry expertise, Lisa de Boer and her team have worked on vast variety of glass projects with different applications to suit their client’s individual taste and style. Our customers are always delighted with their hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

glass wall art

Feature panels


Custom Projects

“We are happy customers, not just because of the quality of the products, but because of the wonderful service we have been given from beginning to end.”
Gold Coast
Glass feature wall design in pool area.
She just designed the most spectacular art piece. It’s just unique. It’s just something no one else seems to be able to create. She’s just got this eye to be able to create what you want out of glass.

Harness the power of glass art

our process

Handcrafted glass art and design

We build our clients’ dreams by working openly and collaboratively with you, so there’s no nasty surprises. Our team of expert designers excel at being able to visualise your ideas and create a piece that doesn’t just exceed your expectations, it’s a perfect expression of your style and personality.

To book your Studio Design Consultation, just pay a deposit of just $500.00*

(deducted from the final price of your art).


Design Consultation

We sit down with you to plan your artwork together, helping you determine the style, colours, textures and approximate size of the finished piece.



We arrange an onsite visit to discuss the location and installation requirements. We take measurements and photos so we can consult these throughout the creation process.


Artist’s Design Meeting

Our in-house artists will send you proofs on the proposed styles and colours for you to check and sign off before we begin.



If your chose artwork includes hand painted elements or slumped glass, we’ll provide you with samples to check and sign off before we finish.



Our team of installation experts will come and hang your new exquisite piece of glass artwork for you.



Are you moving? We offer glass artwork removal and re-installation if you need it.

Questions & Answers


Questions & Answers


Still have questions?

Got more question, just fill in the contact form form and we will get back to you asap.

Depending on the piece’s complexity, your artwork might take from 2-4 weeks to complete. The timings below are a good ballpark.
  • 2½ weeks for painted glass (from order to install)
  • 3-3½ weeks for artwork (from order to install)
To discuss your artwork in more detail, contact me.

In most cases I require an initial payment of $500.00* or 50% of the cost of the artwork to begin your design. Then the final balance is due on day of install.

When you book a Design Consultation with me, the cost of this consult comes off your custom designed artwork. Contact me for more info.

*Please note in the unlikely event you decide not to proceed with your artwork, your $500.00 payment is non-refundable. This is because the services listed above are chargeable.

Your file will remain open for 6 months should you decide to proceed within that time. The file and all its contents (design/conceptual ideas) will remain the property of Glass Xpressions.

We use a range of different techniques to create your custom glass art, and are not afraid to challenge ourselves to create something new.

We do, however, excel in some traditional glass artistry such as hand painted, textured and slumped glass.

Yes, in conjunction with our partners at Art Money, Glass Xpressions offer you Interest Free Payment Plans across our huge range of Glass Art products.

Here’s more info about our payment plans.

Of course! We know how important your glass art investment is to you, so we offer a removal and relocation service of your personalised piece.

Glass Techniques

Your piece of Australian glass art

Through embellishment and form, colour, texture and light, glass has the power to make a powerful statement. We’re constantly refining new techniques and styles, to supply you with a broad spectrum of glass varieties and finishes, and make your vision come to life.

Hand painted glass wall art

Each eye-catching glass artwork for sale is 100% unique. No two hand painted pieces are the same. Customise the design to match it with your chosen décor.


This versatile technique is used to add patterns, design elements or even text to the glass. We do so by heating the glass and returning it to molten like state, and ‘slumping’ it over the mould.


Textured and patterned glass can obscure the clarity of your glass piece and add interest to your decorative piece’s design.    

Dare to be different