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Custom made decorative glass art

Here at Glass Xpressions Gold Coast Glass Art Gallery, our custom made Art Service is second to none. Our talented team of design consultants and artists can guide you every step of the way, offering you their expertise and creativity as well as their extensive knowledge of glass.

Like all creative endeavors, commissioning a piece of Glass Art is no different, “It all starts with a vision”, more to the point, your vision! Which is why it is so vital for our artists to get a firm understanding of not only the type of art that appeals to you, but why it appeals to you, be it colour, shape, style or subject matter.

Steampunk themed custom made decorative glass art featured above staircase.

Case study

Ice Bar

Terry is a creative soul with an incredible eye for detail – and a quirky, larger than life personality. Over the last two years, Glass Xpressions has been honoured to help Terry bring his vision for his steampunk penthouse apartment to life.

Everything about each design was created to reflect Terry’s personality and accentuate his existing décor: from his pig skin covered bar fronts, to the stainless studded chairs and leather handles on his cupboard doors.

Our handcrafted designs range from his slumped glass crocodile tabletop – the centerpiece of his outdoor dining room, to one of our favourite projects, a 5 metre dinosaur snake skeleton chandelier, illuminating the studded staircase up to his printed jail door.

Finally, we turned our attention to his penthouse rooftop and worked together to custom-design and manufacture his unique IGLOOsion Bar.

The combination of contemporary glass art, and state of the art automatic roll back glass ceiling, backlit with LEDs and accentuated with handmade stalactite icicles – it’s a sight to behold.

The walls are fitted with 428 custom, slumped glass ice blocks and the bar consists of a crystal glass slumped angler fish, using lighting to create the illusion that it’s encased in a block of glass ice. And it wouldn’t be complete without the crystal glass benchtops backlit with LED lights, creating a contemporary and other-worldly feel.

If you’re lucky, you might get an invite from Terry to view the impeccable views as the roof rolls back to reveal the star-studded skies above. Have a drink sitting at the custom-made Icelandic furniture, warmed with different white furs from around the globe. It’s not your average bar.

Igloosion custom rooftop ice bar in Brisbane.
It is a pleasure to work with Lisa, it has been a great partnership, I have never had a client who as not been thrilled with her work. Having dealt with Lisa for so many years I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for something really special.​
Phil and Nancy Lee
Gold Coast
Hand painted glass wall art in tropical blue and green.
From our first visit to the installation, it was such a pleasure having contact with all of you. Everyone we dealt with at glassXpressions was friendly and professional. We have had numerous visitors since moving in and all have commented on your amazing work.

Harness the power of glass art

Gallery Partnerships


Mercedes Benz Gold Coast showroom custom glass art feature.

Since our first Gallery Partnership with Mercedes Benz Gold Coast 6 years ago, Glass Xpressions has been invited to design and display custom glass artworks for some of the most recognisable and prestigious brands on the Gold Coast and beyond.  

We’re pleased to announce that our partnership with Marriott has expanded to become a global partnership which includes Sheraton Hotels

We’re also honoured to be partnered with:

Rolls Royce at Sunshine Automotive 

Maserati Bentley, Gold Coast 

Keep an eye out for our Gala Gallery Events featuring the latest cars on the red carpet.

For more information on how you can become a Gallery Partner, contact Lisa de Boer.

“Spirit of Ecstasy”

Inspired by her majestic ghost…..
Flowing forward in the wind forever,
She demonstrates her power of spirit,
And determination.
Floating upwards from her humble heritage,
To fame and notoriety…
Rising above us all,
like a Phoenix from the ashes!!!!!!
Her commanding and powerful presence,
makes us stop….. take notice.
The pinnacle, Classically cast….!!!!!
A shrine to the power of love
I am….. the mystery of Eleanor!

Lisa de Boer

Custom made glass art feature for Sunshine Automotive Group.

Contemporary Glass Art


With more than 20 years of industry expertise, Lisa de Boer and her team have worked on vast variety of glass projects with different applications to suit their client’s individual taste and style. Our customers are always delighted with their hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

glass wall art

Feature panels



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