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Glass Xpressions offers a vast range of custom Artisan Chandelier Lighting design, fine art lighting, as well as thorough hand-crafted design services.
Our talented and knowledgeable artists have completed dozens of custom projects to our clients’ specifications and satisfaction.
From our first visit to the installation, it was such a pleasure having contact with all of you. Everyone we dealt with at GlassXpressions was friendly and professional. We have had numerous visitors since moving in and all have commented on your amazing work.
Main Beach
Custom Artisan Chandeliers by Glass Xpressions

Contemporary Glass Art

Australian Glass Art for Sale

With more than 20 years of industry expertise, Lisa de Boer and her team have worked on vast variety of glass projects with different applications to suit their client’s individual taste and style. Our customers are always delighted with their hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

glass wall art

Feature panels


Custom Projects

“We are happy customers, not just because of the quality of the products, but because of the wonderful service we have been given from beginning to end.”
Gold Coast
Glass feature wall design in pool area.
She just designed the most spectacular art piece. It’s just unique. It’s just something no one else seems to be able to create. She’s just got this eye to be able to create what you want out of glass.

Harness the power of glass art

Glass Techniques

Your piece of Australian glass art

Through embellishment and form, colour, texture and light, glass has the power to make a powerful statement. We’re constantly refining new techniques and styles, to supply you with a broad spectrum of glass varieties and finishes, and make your vision come to life.

Hand painted glass wall art

Each eye-catching glass artwork for sale is 100% unique. No two hand painted pieces are the same. Customise the design to match it with your chosen décor.


This versatile technique is used to add patterns, design elements or even text to the glass. We do so by heating the glass and returning it to molten like state, and ‘slumping’ it over the mould.


Textured and patterned glass can obscure the clarity of your glass piece and add interest to your decorative piece’s design.    

Dare to be different