The ultimate Igloo Bar down under?

Yes you’ve read right, there is an igloo bar existing in red hot Australia, 

As always here at GlassXpressions we are trying to find new eye catching design ideas and also accommodating our clients ideas and visions.

We are proud to present to you one of our bigger glass art projects of 2018, a custom designed and built igloo bar on a rooftop of a private penthouse in Brisbane. 

The illusional Igloo Bar lovingly named The IGLoosion Bar! 

Igloo Bar

...the penthouse

It all stared when our Art and Design Director Lisa de Boer was asked to design a glass “dinosaur skeleton chandelier” for a quirky staircase of a Brisbane Penthouse. 

After enquiring with the client what was behind the door on top of the staircase, he clarified that there was another level to the apartment, a massive rooftop-terrace with views over the beautiful Redland Bay. 

It happened to be a big empty space and definitely needed a finishing touch, to make it inviting for the owners and their guests, to sit and enjoy the space and the incredible view up there.

Our client was looking for ideas and Lisa came up with the spontaneous idea of creating an Aussie Igloo Bar! 

You probably question yourself, what…an Igloo Bar in Down Under? Well, let’s reveal it is not proper water and ice….much rather made of hand made glass ice cubes and resin ice stalactites!

But check it out for yourself, the process of the build of the IGLoosion Bar: 

The design process and the Igloo bar evolution

Everything you see in the IGLoosion bar has been designed and manufactured at our premises at the Gold Coast in Australia, 

In our huge KILN’s (which fires glass to 800 degrees), the glass gets slumped, which means it is melted into the final desired shape), 

Previously made molds out of Fibre are laid onto a sand bed to slump the glass into the desired form.

The production of the Ice cubes and Icycles for the Igloo Bar

The ice cubes (a total of 428 pieces!) for the walls of the bar are all hand made and it took several months to complete the project. 

The icycles (each one also individually hand made), the big glass Anglerfish and Jellyfish as well as the glass bar front were produced at premises and then transported carefully to site. 

Welcome, Come on in!

Impressions of the "IGLoosion" Bar in Brisbane!

At the end of the project, the owner of the penthouse invited our team to the Igloo bar for a big opening party!

Of course the dress code was white, but we couldn’t wear the big winter jackets to suit the cold igloo image, it was a 30 degrees day in Brisbane that day LOL…

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