Floating architectural Glass displays

Here at GlassXpressions we are constantly trying to find new catching design and decorating ideas. From floating glass wine displays, modern glass features through to eye catching glass art work. 

May we introduce one of our latest creations: Floating Glass Wine Displays!

Elegant wine displays

This intrigued floating glass wine display system offers a unique flexibility that you don’t often see in  modern glass wine room designs. The bottles are spaced liberally, allowing for a small stock of wine, but there is flexibility to install a lot more bottles if needed. There are no weight restrictions with this strong cable system.

Make your choice between label forward or neck forward. You can even set up your rows in creative diagonal formations.

Designed and hand-crafted for you at our GlassXpressions Studio by our glass artist Lisa de Boer and her specialised team in collaboration with Caesar Wine Cellars. 

For more information on custom built wine displays and temperature controlled wine cellars, press contact button below.  

Decorative floating Glass Shelving as Creative DIY Ideas

Make a feature out of your glass shelving? The options are many, the choices are yours.

Floating Glass shelves are the fastest, simplest ways to create storage & decorative features 

Make use of your vertical space: Here are a few ways to decorate your empty wall space with floating shelves, whilst creating more storage space for a statement piece, books, wine bottles or a little plant!

Floating shelves in general are one of the magical unicorns of design; they just seem to work everywhere. They’re often the perfect choice if you need a bit more storage or if you want to add some visual interest to a space. And since they come in all different styles and sizes, they’re incredibly versatile.

Floating Glass shelves in particular are light and don’t make your wall space feel cluttered. 

Little bit of DIY - how to make your own floating glass shelves

5 reasons why DIY is good for you

1. Encourages leaving technology alone for a period of time:
We spend a substantial amount of time on phones, laptop, computers. Therefore, having to focus on a manual task means having to switch off from the madness of emails and social media for a while and take pleasure in the task ahead.

2. A manual DIY task that is completed gives enormous satisfaction, in a way that is unlike achieving a work task:
Think of how good you felt when you finally got round to putting up that shelf, figuring out how to build that wardrobe or painting that wall,
 that had been staring at you for months or pruning the garden…feels really good right? In conclusion, we think the accomplishment factor is key here…! 

3. Allowing ourselves time to indulge in ourselves through a practical activity. This is good for the brain and allows us to create new ideas. 
Ultimately, focusing on something that brings you joy and distracts from the things causing stress, can only be a positive step towards simulating your brain. That way it can blossom with fresh ideas and creativity. 

4. It increases your self reliance:
You are more inclined to learn a new skill when fixing things yourself (i.e. leaky tap, toilet, chair leg). There is not only a financial benefit by not having to hire someone to do it, more so it increases your self-reliance. Making you less likely to panic when things go wrong.
5. It is a fantastic grounding tool for children, and helps remind adults how important is to switch off too:
Due to the digital nature of today’s world, children have little familiarity and direct contact with nature and rarely have hands on experience. Nature becomes a non-tangible thing, with the reality being what they see on a screen. Above all, “Do it yourself ” projects, including gardening are two activities that encourage children to properly connect with the world around them, giving them a better sense of their surroundings and who they are. 

How to build your own Floating glass shelving brackets

There is a huge variety of shelving brackets available on the market and Glass Companies like ourselves usually provide them with your ordered glass shelves.

But, if you don’t want to use the pre-fabricated shelving brackets, you can certainly create them yourself. Here is a little tutorial how to go about it yourself.

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